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Royal-Model Energy HLG (1500mm)

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All fiberglass slope HLG for sports flyers

The slope HLG Energy is designed for 60" category racing. It is a smaller version of an F3F glider. The construction of the model is fully designed for this type of flying, fully moulded with glass & carbon in some parts. The wing comes with a carbon reinforced spar. The HN-354 airfoil was chosen for its great range of speeds and generally good characteristics. Rudder and elevator are both fasten by one screw which enables quick and easy assembly and  disassembly. Ideal choose for pilots which are crazy to dynamic experience. Succesfull aerodynamic design and utter quality guarantie excellent performance.


 Wingspan:  1500 mm
 Lenght:  960 mm
 Wing area:  25 dm2
 Weight (empty):  470 g
 Aerofoil:  8%
 Funktions:  ailerons, elevator
Content: Fiberglass fuselage , fiberglass wing with carbon spar, tail surfaces, hardware, instruction