BIKINI 1.8 ARF (1800mm)

CHF 275.00 CHF 319.00


kompakter und ausgewogener Segelfliger für den Hang und die Fläche.

Spannweite: 1800mm

Länge: 1240mm

Fluggewicht: a 1200g

Flügelfläche: 28.9dm2

Profil HQW 1/8.0

ARF QUICKBUILD KIT (Ready to take-off in less than 8 hours of assembly work !)

  • Fuselage: molded fiberglass gelcoated, reinforced with carbon fiber.
  • Glassfiber canopy with fixing device (music wire) already installed.
  • Wings: structure all-built up balsa and plywood with an integral balsa sheeting and covered with shrinking film Oracover®, ready.
  • Empennages: structure all built-up balsa , covered with shrinking film Oracover®, ready.
  • Wings and horizontal stab bags in aluminized bubble wrap for maximum protection against both shocks and heat.
  • Quality hardware: pushrods, plastic wing servos covers, plywood servo trays, fiberglass and plastic control horns, plywood jig to cut the fuse nose, screws, etc.
  • Step by step illustrated building manual.