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G.T. Power B6 Mini - 6s, 6A Ladegerät

CHF 39.00



High power in a very compact body: up to 300W charging at up to 12A; up to 50W discharging at up to 3A.
Same control menu as Imax B6.


Input voltage: DC 10-26V
Charger current: 0.1-12A
Discharge current: 0.1-3A
Charge Power: Max 300W
Discharge Power: Max 50W
Balance Current: Max 1A
Balance Tolerance: 0.01V
Charging Capability: LiXX 1-6 cells,NiXX:1-16 cells
Pb battery voltage:2-20V
Size: 87.5X48.5X30mm
Weight: 94.7g