35A - Castle QuadPack 35 Aktion!

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Das ist das QuadPack 35, vier 35A Regler von Castle Creations.

Ideal für Quadkopter - 4 Regler (einer davon mit BEC).

  This is the Quad Pack 35,  four 35A ESCs from Castle Creations.

FEATURES: Four 35 amp Multi-Rotor electronic speed controls with optimized firmware designed for Quadcopter and other Multi-Rotor heli platforms ranging from 450 to 650 sizes pulling up to 35 amps, and running up to 6S LiPo battery.

4 ESC (one with BEC, 3 without BEC)


Technische Angaben:   Technical Details:
max. Strom     35  A     max. Current
max. Zellenzahl   3-6  LiPo   max. Cells
max. BEC Strom   8  A   max. BEC Current
dauer BEC Strom   3  A   cont. BEC Current
BEC Spannung   5.5  A   BEC Voltage
Gewicht (ohne/mit Kabel)   12/28  g   Weight (no/with cables)
Abmessungen   23x49x9  mm   Dimension